Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A perfectly HILARIOUS last minute, very low effort DIY Valentine's gift idea

I gave my husband his Valentine's gift early this year. Its the MAGICAL ability for him to put words in my mouth or thoughts in my head anytime he wants = every man's DREAM COME TRUE!


Ok. It's just a freaking framed dry erase board with my picture in it and a thought bubble coming out of my head but ITS AS CLOSE AS YOU'LL GET, MISTER COE. I think its pretty hilarious and so does he. He can take it to work and think about what he wishes I would say or think, til his heart is content. Lucky guy.

I made a similar pic for my mom for Christmas, with a picture of my grandmother.

Yes. I sent it to my mom just like this, complete with the caption. Especially hilarious because Nana was a nice lady and she didn't especially have a potty mouth. Who doesn't want to put words in their mother's mouth? (If it's not one thing, it's your mother - AMIRITE?)

I also made a pic of my father in law. He was such a nerd, he was actually cool. (At least, that's what my husband says.)

Find the entire ticket-to-hilarity tutorial right here:

Happy Valentine's Day, friend.

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